I woke up from bed by 5:15am so early right, yeah. I couldn’t sleep well. I had too much to just let me sleep like a log of wood.  I’m a man with a lot of dreams to achieve, to see come to reality and I have been preparing my mind for a while now for the task that’s about to live on my table.

If it’s about failures, as young as I am, I have had my own fair share but I took the lesson from them and moved on so quickly. Recently, I had a big down fall that would have cost me my relationship with my father but I moved on from it and now my mind is free though it took time.

No matter how young you might be, you would have encountered your own fair share too. It could be a ‘no’ from that beautiful girl you want; University admission denial; falling into the hands of internet fraudster; collapsed business; crashed marriage; Visa denial; Exam failure; not meeting up to friend’s standard of living (stop comparing yourself, no one is better); or things aren’t just going the right way for you.

I realized that in life everybody has problems, everyone. From our very first day on earth, it’s like we are born with problems because they make us who we are. But not everyone has been able or will be able to survive those problems. Survival is over-living, over-coming, out-working these problems. Most people live under their problems, manage it or cope with it.

I will be very realistic with you all; everyone living on earth has a purpose. You were not just created here to wander the surface of the earth and live by what comes. NO! You get hold of life and make it into what you want for yourself. You make life, life don’t make you. It’s as easy as the word easy: if you love prison life then live the criminal way; if you want better grades, study harder; if you want good life, work for it you don’t just sit that dirty ass of yours in bed all day watching movies or playing that new game on your PS4 console. You go out and do what works well for you. A ‘NO’ didn’t stop your father from your mom, he continued to work his way until he married her and here you are, a living testimony. So why would a ‘NO’ stop you from getting what you want to achieve. Have you tried a hundred times yet? ( Ask Thomas Edison) How could you have given up so easily? Does success not belong to you too? I don’t think you want to succeed because if you really want to, you will never give up so easily. Do you want to remember this day when you are 70 and cry about you giving up so easily? But you can still work this out.

Sincerely speaking, my dear, NOTHING WILL EVER GO PERFECTLY ACCORDING TO YOUR PLAN. I mean nothing! (that’s why we always have planB) You might know how you want it but you won’t have the accurate prediction of the timing. That’s the reason why you have to be on your toes all the time.

Finally, a lot of us had a rough past, hiccups and big challenges that we faced and they have influenced us to make some nasty judgments, conclusions and taken some killer actions but I just wanna drop this for yo’ll : MAKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE.


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I write about business most especially how to get into Network marketing which is the best business model to get rich in this generation. I am passionate about healthy lifestyle and also a motivational writer .Lest I forget, I'm a very fashion conscious person so watch what you wear around me *smiles*

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