She was happy, I was crying. Every face I saw that day was smiling.
I was annoyed.
How can my tears give you joy? How can my pain make you laugh?
But the smiles at me gave me a warm welcome.

The journey begins-

I felt like smiling back but I was still riled coupled with confusion.
I was so comfortable where I was coming from, it was home. I didn’t have to leave.
‘It would just be a journey, you will back soon’. That was what the angel told me at departure
But the warm welcome here made me feel home again, I think I’m in love.

The love story-

The trees are green and its flowers, colorful;
The birds are sonorous their rhythm made me dance;
The beauty of human was breathtaking like I was short of oxygen;
Their intelligence overtook me like a speeding ambulance;
The happy butterflies, the quiet sound of the river;
The blinking stars at night, the cloud , oh the rainbow
I couldn’t get my eyes off the styles and fashion
I even made a close friend from Paris
Sincerely it was ‘maison loin de chez soi’.

The regret-

Everything here just made me forget where I came from.
I was expecting the stay to be short but it seemed forever.
The enjoyment made leaving unwanted; the distraction made death a sudden phenomenon.
I was supposed to be prepared for it every minute.
Oh my head! But it came upon me too sudden as expected.
I feel loved again, they were all crying
But I was happy; I’m coming home.
It was my time to smile but could I?
They were sad too because they won’t see me again.
But that was a lie!
Are they not going to die too?
Won’t we meet again here back home?
Again I am confused!


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I write about business most especially how to get into Network marketing which is the best business model to get rich in this generation. I am passionate about healthy lifestyle and also a motivational writer .Lest I forget, I'm a very fashion conscious person so watch what you wear around me *smiles*

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