Let me be straight with you all, if you can’t sell you can’t succeed at anything!

The art of selling is essential to survival in any endeavor not only in business but in all ramifications. There are a lot of people out there who can sell but are selling the wrong thing.


What you sell depends on your decision and ability so choose carefully. Taking a deeper look at successful marriages that we all wish to have some day, they all started with selling. Yeah selling. A man meets a lady whom he knows nothing about. Even looking up her profile on Facebook gives him just a little to make judgment. So basically, the man knows nothing about her but he is interested in her. How does this man let his mind known to an ‘unknown’ lady so they can start a friendship? On the other hand, the lady knows nothing about the man too but he claims to love her and want her heart. How does he get to make her believe he truly does? He simply sells himself.

Selling is a game of conviction!

Even when you are looking for a job, the employer knows absolutely nothing about you, even by checking your LinkedIn profile and your resume. This just gives him little detail but winning your interviewer’s mind and proving to him you are capable both on paper and on the field is what gives you the job – It is a game of conviction.

Some individuals sell ideas and they get the income from licensing, royalties etc. Some sell vision (politicians) and make people believe in them. There is no business endeavor you will engage in that you won’t need the power of conviction. You will need it to raise capital, to build customer base and make people believe in you enough to support or invest in you. They don’t see what you see; they don’t have the creative imagination and courage you have that’s why they have not done what you are doing. Therefore, you need to make them see the exact thing you saw (that could be difficult though). Above all, the most important derivative you get from mastering the art of selling is that you will forever overcome shyness and rejection plus your negotiation skill will be immensely boosted.

Rejections will surely come when you are starting a business because the goodwill is not there yet so the knowledge from salesmanship will help you get through. I once saw a video where one of the best salesmen in Multilevel marketing, Tim Sales said if you can sell/convince two individuals out of ten then you are a good salesperson.


  1. I advise you engage yourself in salesmanship so you can overcome rejection whenever you start-up your business.
  2. A great selling skill can also be acquired from joining a Network Marketing (MLM)
  3. There are lots of books you can get your hands on to fine tune you selling skills but you still need to practice so as to be good on field.

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