Officially, it’s 11days to my birthday for this year. Last year’s birthday was just a normal day, I slept and thought of how bad I didn’t have anything special to do on a special day like that. Well, this year’s won’t be any different I guess. Less than two weeks to go I still don’t have any special plan for the day; all I can think of is just to chill at home, maybe read some books and sleep. There is nothing different from the activities of a regular day. I am in my early twenties but will be in mid-twenties very soon. Any age you have in mind, just subtract a year from it and you will get my correct age come April2, 2017.

I represent the most beautiful month of the year. Being an Aries, I am loving and considerate, I play a lot but I always get a ‘you are smart’ compliment every time. I feel I am the closest person to God maybe his beloved.

Frankly, all I want for my birthday is not a threesome, boat sailing nor party with friends. I just want books as gifts – personal finance books, personal development books, marketing books, and a new phone. If I will go out I just want to see a nice movie at the cinema.


Well, as much as I love to travel, I went to just a few new places and definitely saw new faces. There is one big thing about this year I will never forget. I will tell you that at the end, just stay put.

Obviously, I revived this blog this past year and though it’s is not where I want it to be but I’m happy I can get some of my views and thought out there to the world (thanks to technology).

I might have messed up a couple of times but I’m still that cool guy who don’t want to grow from being a baby boy because I want to be adorable to all ( I wanna be forever young).

I continued to live on my own even if it hasn’t been easy as I haven’t had a steady source of income yet. That is my main goal for this new age and I feel I’m close to achieving that already. I seriously want to make my first million this new age so I can have more stories of encouragement to tell my kids.

I made sure I made only few friends. I was more particular about quality than having a flock of ‘unidentifiable friends’. I took a lot of sky pictures and got closer to nature. My sport life went dead and I feel I added few pounds just to the belly.

Sadly, I still haven’t improved well in my beat-making skills. I hope to get better this year. I will drop some instrumentals on my birthday. It’s free for all, make sure you download them and get a feel of my producer side too.

Well to wrap it up, I now know what love truly means. NB: I am still single so don’t get it wrong and I hope to stay in the best relationship status for me this next year.





3 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE”

  1. It’s been two months since you wrote this,how much Progress have you made ?
    I wouldn’t mind a great threesome alongside some good books on MY birthday!


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