By: Atinuke Odubiyi
Sex in itself is a rather controversial but interesting subject to talk about. This is probably due to its polar nature – It is natural as well as man-made, sweet as it is sour, the making of something new as it is a mar.

So, as with other concepts that generate controversy, sex at some point gets overrated.
I know some school of thoughts will argue that only those who haven’t “experienced” or have only had bad sex will think it’s overrated but the thing is, we’re only human. And we’re bound to hype whatever it is that gives so much pleasure and ecstasy. We also easily tend to forget that sex as with every other “pleasurable venture” has its unavoidable perks.
You know that thing with humans where we’re always so curious about what we’re told to abstain from? That’s the driving force of man’s daily existence.
We are asked to abstain till marriage, and so the desire to know what the wait is all about is ignited and fed largely by the need for satisfied curiosity.
For some people it might be the need to impress friends with stories of various “escapades” or to have a topic of discussion for the drinking table. So a lot of people end up having sex for the wrong reasons.
Everything in life is relative so the deal is, as much as some people enjoy sex and think it’s the best thing in the world, some other people prefer to take it as an exercise, that shouldn’t garner so much momentum
My point of view is that the sanctity of the concept should at least be respected and it shouldn’t be so commonised.
Also we should remember that orgasms are fleeting but STDs are not, and unwanted pregnancies also are sure as hell not.
So the next time you’re about to “get down”, remember your run of the mill cold bottle of coke. (I know the feeling of an orgasm is like this multiplied by a billion). As much as it’s sweet and tickles the side of your throat, and makes you just want to burst with glee, it also has the chances of leading to many other complications like a runny stomach, tummy pain and in the some cases diabetes.
Although some people might feel it’s worth the risk, others are of a different view. So sex being sweet but overrated is highly relative but let’s all try as much as possible to be enlightened on prospective consequences.
(sorry all non-coke lovers who can’t relate)


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I write about business most especially how to get into Network marketing which is the best business model to get rich in this generation. I am passionate about healthy lifestyle and also a motivational writer .Lest I forget, I'm a very fashion conscious person so watch what you wear around me *smiles*

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